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In today’s automotive world of high-performance street cars and premium fuels making sure your cars injectors are operating at their peak performance is a must. Our ASNU Fuel Injector machine allows us to service a wide variety of injectors. Upon receipt of your injectors SCNS will:

  • Use the ASNU Machine to determine the initial flow & spray pattern
  • Perform a Leak Test checking for any leaks through the injectors body or pintles.
  • Perform a Spray Pattern Test to safely examine the injectors fuel spray pattern in greater detail for any discrepancies in the fuel distribution and atomization.
  • Perform a Flow Test to measure the fuel flow from the injectors to the engine for a more precise comparison of flow mismatch.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning will remove any contaminants within the injectors that inhibit the flow of fuel for better performance.
  • Repeat the above tests then reassemble the injectors replacing any 0-rings, filter baskets, etc. as needed.
It’s important to service/clean your injectors so you know the injectors are performing to their fullest potential. Call us today at 941-706-0597.


Client Reviews

“Highly detailed shop, specializing in contemporaneous high-performance augmentations of multiple manufacturers vehicles. Dyno at SCNS exemplifies their  discipline toward their science involved with critical tuning and performance building.”

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